Our Company

With over three decades of experience in the food production sector, Chains Trading Company (CTC) is a family-owned business based in Jordan. Owned by the Kayyali family, the CTC team prides itself on its ongoing commitment to deliver quality food products that boast authenticity, flavor, and heart.
Our passion for tradition and flavor combined with our love of food has rendered us a leading food production company and a household favorite across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

Today, our varied product range can be found in delicatessens, mass merchandisers, ethnic markets, hypermarkets, high-frequency stores as well as in countless outlets in the food service industry.
The CTC promise is to make each meal a journey, producing and supplying a wide range of preserved products including table olives, pickled vegetables, canned legumes, and specialty items that capture Jordan’s rich food heritage to the world.

Our list of products does not stop there – CTC also exports high quality Jordanian food products that include traditional jameed (dried yoghurt), olive oil, zaatar (dried thyme mixed with roasted sesame seeds), makdous (stuffed eggplants cured in olive oil) and Medjool dates.
Our commitment to quality and safety is unyielding, thanks to our ongoing expertise in food manufacturing, packaging, trading, and distribution utilizing our state-of-the-art facilities.

Forever embracing a sense of family and tradition, CTC’s team is dedicated to sourcing and delivering delectable food products to the world in the safest and most cost- effective manner.


CTC is committed to excellence on all fronts and as such boasts national, regional, and global qualifications


“My restaurant’s collaboration with CTC began in 2015, and we have been steady clients ever since. Not only did they help recommend and create the right sized packaging for our restaurant, but their products continue to be superior to any other in the market.

“Importer/Restaurant Owner – Kuwait”
CTC has really improved the image of my store.
My product range is more varied now and my shoppers have many CTC products to choose from. The range is also comprehensive, and I often see customers purchase several different CTC products in one visit for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
“Importer Retailer Shop Owner – Dubai, UAE “
Our chain of hypermarkets is known to carry the best quality food, which is why our work with CTC made sense. Our experience creating our private label with them was second to none, as they were very easy to work with, flexible and accommodating, and the company representatives were the consummate professionals and eager to support.
” Importer Distributor – Cairo, Egypt “



Jordan at a Glance

Nestled in the cradle of history and civilizations, Jordan’s strategic location within the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region has made the country an agricultural and economical hub. Lush with fertile lands peppered with some of the world’s most celebrated touristic hotspots, Jordan is a destination that promises to deliver richness and authenticity on a multitude of fronts. A journey from north to south is nothing short of captivating, with landmarks such as the Jordan River, the site of the Baptism of Jesus, the Dead Sea (which is the lowest point on earth), and the rose red ancient city of Petra, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World dotting the way.

Beyond the country’s history, Jordan boasts a thriving food production sector, with exports to over 140 countries worldwide. It is also a thriving location for business and, to that effect, is supported by a variety of free trade agreements (FTAs) enabling the country to be a strategic supply route to many markets.

Home of the Olive

A combination of climate and culture, olives and olive oil production are an innate part of Jordan’s heritage, which dates back over 6,000 years. The land is full of flavor, texture and color, which all combine to produce a diverse range of top-grade olives and olive oil products that come in an array of exquisite characteristics and flavors.

Our table olives are carefully hand-picked, professionally processed and gently packed with Dead Sea salt utilizing the latest food production technologies. Our focus is on quality and authenticity, and we go the extra mile to ensure that the original flavor and form of the olive is preserved throughout the various production stages. Our olives are produced using the Nabali Mohassan olive, which is indigenous to Jordan and boasts a high flesh-to-pit ratio, producing one of the world’s best table olives in terms of taste, texture and its signature color.