Chains Trading Company (CTC) is a limited liability family owned/operated company located in Amman, Jordan.  CTC has a long and diverse experience in the food business including manufacturing, packaging, trading and distributing a wide range of products serving the Middle Eastern region and beyond.  With state of the art facilities located in Amman, Jordan, CTC produces a wide range of preserved products including table olives, pickled vegetables, and specialty items.  The facility also re-packs and exports high quality Jordanian products that include Fresh Fruits & Vegetables.  The firm’s international trading team exports high quality Dried Fruits, Jameed, White Cheeses, Zaatar, Olive Oil, and Dates from third-party producers serving its clients with the highest quality product and service while maintaining competiveness.  
Our management team is committed to quality products and superior service.  Over 14 years' experience in product handling and processing have added a highly defined skill-set in sourcing and delivering product in the safest and most cost effective manner.  This combined with an in-depth knowledge of the regional retail/ wholesale/ foodservice market with on-the-ground after-sales support have offer clients all the advantages of imported products (quality, price, and product differentiation) at local vendor service levels.  


CTC invites you to experience the taste of tradition. From state of the art facilities comes Jordan’s finest range of preserved products including olives, pickled vegetables, salads, and specialty items.
Chains Trading success is derived from exceptional quality, superior flavor and enticing appearance combined with our commitment to the principles of trust and innovation.
As such, a wide range of services is offered to meet each client’s needs; whether it be packaging, labeling or delivery.
In the past, people made the most of a seasonal glut of vegetables by preserving them in a variety of ingenious ways. Today, pickled products are still popular around the world as snacks, appetizers, and condiments. Some even use the vividly colored, pickled vegetables as an eye-catching display. Wafeer is derived from the Arabic word meaning plentiful, indicating the wealth of variety and a good value product.


Our team is unwavering in our commitment to meeting each client’s individual needs, ranging from internationally renowned corporations to smaller, family-owned enterprises.
Our products are available in a range of sizes that cater to the bulk purchaser as well as the shelf retailer. Our products are offers in plastic drums, tin containers, and glass jars.
Our labeling is bi-lingual and conforms to international standards and has an internationally registered barcode (EAN-13).

From the Vine…

Jordan’s blessed lands produce a wealth of fruits and vegetables. All materials come from farms that are closely monitored by specialized quality assurance personnel to guarantee an all-natural, safe and superior product with groves located throughout the Kingdom, a year-round qualification process ensures that only the best olive is harvested. During the harvesting season, only the traditional handpicking methods are used to reduce the risk of damage to the fruit.
With warm winters in the Jordan Valley and cool summers in the highlands, this unique climate assures a year-round supply of fresh vegetables. This combined with minimal time between harvesting and processing yields a product with exceptional texture, color, and flavor.

… To the Brine

Chains Trading has one of the largest, family owned manufacturing facilities in the industry on a regional level.
International bodies, guaranteeing the application of the highest standards of manufacturing (GMP), have recognized our facilities. As such, we supply major international chains and have received the ISO-9000 certification. HACCP application has also been recognized in our factory.
Generations of experience have produced state of the art machinery specially designed to combine high-tech and traditional methods of processing. All our raw material go through a gentle process so that essential vitamins, anti-oxidants and flavors are not destroyed. We inspect all material at the grading stage, after processing and before final packing.

In addition to preserves, Chains Trading offers a wide range of products that are produced by other manufacturers under its private label. The association of high quality and good value for money with the Wafeer brand insures success of every new product that is offered. Manufacturers go through a stringent approval and supervision process to guarantee a continuous supply of high quality products. Leading manufacturers in the dairy, meat processing, and olive oil industries produce under the Wafeer label to utilize the high quality service and marketing distribution channels available.


Our team relies on innovation and creativity to produce new items and improve on existing products.
Extensive research goes into every aspect of the product cycle, from the raw material to the final delivery.
This also incorporates the continuous development of services to our clients. We are constantly updating our knowledge base by researching the latest issues and technological advancements that impact our industry.


Our commitment to maintaining long-term relationships with our customers is highlighted in our emphasize on customer support services. Our foremost priority is insuring efficient order processing and on-time delivery.
Our after-sales support staff follows up each order to secure complete customer satisfaction.
Our fully integrated information systems offer clients inline order processing and account inquiries.