1997 Chains Trading Co., Ltd (CTC) was established by the Kayyali family based on a vision of becoming the leading suppliers of delicatessant products in the region. CTC began by re-packaging locally processed pickled products. The WAFEER brand was thus created to offer consumers a standard quality product set on traditional tastes.

1998 To further improve quality, CTC began to produce Middle Eastern style pickles packed in big containers for consumption at deli sections and restaurants.

1999 CTC integrated vertically and established an agricultural department to produce the highest quality vegetables for processing. Multinational companies such as Burger King and McDonalds approved CTC as a regional supplier for sliced pickled cucumbers.

2000 WAFEER became the first company in Jordan to commercially produce and can Spanish style green and black olives. It also received both the ISO and HCCAP certification. CTCs strength in both customer service and product quality enabled it to capture a large client base.

2002 WAFEER became the leading brand in olives and pickled products in the country and started branding dairy products and processed meats. CTC also created international distribution channels and further expanded its client base.

2003 WAFEER was available on the shelf at retail outlets for the end consumer on a regional level. It also added branded extra-virgin olive oil to its product range.

Today, through continuous investment and innovation, WAFEER has become the market leader in its field. Boasting a wide range of quality products that are marketed on a regional scale. CTC is also now developing relationships with multinational companies to package under their own private label.