1- What does Spanish Style mean? 
Spanish style refers to the method the olive olives are produced. In both black and green olives light lye treatment is applied to remove the bitter taste that fresh olives have. When using this method, olives have a distinct taste that is mild, low in salt, and not sour.

2- What does Greek Style mean?
Greek style refers to the method the olives are produced. No additions are added to remove the bitter taste; rather, slow fermentation removes the bitterness resulting in a stronger flavor in the olive.

3- How can a Jordanian olive be a style other than Jordanian?
The style is the method that is used. Thus, when different processing methods are used, they result in different tastes. We states the style so that the consumer can identify the taste to be expected.

4- Why Natural black and just black other times?
Natural refers to the method used. When natural methods are used, they refer to the slow time fermentation method. In other cases, processing methods are used to remove the bitterness of the olives.

5- What is type of olives are best for preparing food?
Depending on the type of food, and desired flavor. When a mild effect is desirable, use the Spanish style olives. When a strong taste is desirable, use the Greek style olives.

6- Are olives high in calories?
No, olives are very healthy. The Calorie content of olives is not higher that most other fruits and contains useful nutrition for a healthy life style.