CTC Brands


CTC boasts three unique brands: Wafeer, Oleve, and Kayyali.  Each brand is offered to importers according to a fixed geographic location (exclusive territory).

We are always on the hunt for new and exciting markets, which is why we invite you to become part of the CTC experience, benefitting from our exclusive services such as flexible ordering terms and a minimum required purchase order. We also handle your product’s branding in terms of packaging and label design and take care of brand registration.

Due to our wide and ever-growing market reach, CTCs brands are some of the most recognizable in the region, making them highly and instantly sellable products.



At CTC, we believe in complete client satisfaction on all fronts. All CTC products are available for sale in one of two ways: either under one of our registered and highly recognizable CTC brands or under your private label.Think of CTC as a one-stop shop, where we take care of packaging as per your specific requirements, providing personalized labelling and making your product ready for display on store floors.




CTC invites you to experience the next level in ease of selling the Delico brand through its cutting-edge electronic sales portal Delico. The technology aims to help you gain brand recognition and achieve business growth by entering the virtual market/e-marketing channel. The service is compatible with Web, Apple, and Android applications, requires minimal investment and is available to clients who meet the below criteria:
  • Size of business
  • Type of business model
  • Geographic location/type of territory based on range and business model according territory

Private Label

Our co-packaging and private labeling services have made CTC the proud supplier to global retail chains and distributors in leading markets. Clients have the flexibility and ease to select the products of their choice, in the packaging that they prefer, giving them complete ownership of their brand and helping them establish and build on their brand recognition in their respective market.

We provide all necessary support activities pertaining to private labeling including:

  • Developing label designs
  • Providing sales claims such as health, food safety, ethical, and dietary logos
  • Providing research and development services for new packaging and/or products

Jordanian Brands

If there is a particular brand of Jameed, Zaatar, Sumac, you would like to add to your product range from Jordan we can assist in sourcing and delivering it you, provided there is no conflict with the producing company.