CTC offers several packaging options to meet client’s individual needs.  Products are available in a range of sizes that cater to the food service purchaser as well as the shelf retailer.
Tin cans, Glass Jars, and high quality PET Jars are available.


Tin Cans


Three piece hermetically-seamed tinplate cans that are internally and externally coated with high quality food grade lacquer to protect against rust and corrosion.  These are thermally treated when packed to accord a long-life, shelf-stable item with minimal or no chemical preservatives.


PET Jars

All jars are made with high grade PET and metallic twist-off lids that can withstand thermal treatment producing a shelf stable product with limited to no use of chemical preservatives.

Glass Jars

Only the highest-grade clear glass is used, making it an ideal display container. All glass jars are then fitted with a metallic twist-off cap and thermally treated to ensure the product’s shelf stability and a longer shelf life with limited to no use of chemical preservatives.